Towel Closeup by Susan Ewbank Photography

Our Oregon based Green America certified company provides organic cotton and other natural fiber textile products wholesale to retailers that specialize in high quality green products. You can purchase our products through any one of them which are listed on our retailers page. Retail store owners can order directly from HavluTowel or from our partners in distribution:

Down to Earth Distributors

Talla Imports

Our company goal is that organic should not be a luxury but an expectation, so our focus is on simple basic styles of items that people use from day to day manufactured for durability and quality at a price people can afford to pay.

We quality check samples of the products before ordering and verify all organic certifications ourselves. We reuse packaging whenever possible, use post consumer packaging, and recycle.

All of our products are produced in Turkey. To insure fair labor practices so we visit and work with the manufacturing facilities ourselves instead of using intermediaries.

Most importantly we believe in honesty and openness in doing business.

We support the 3/50 project which supports brick and mortar stores. We love all independant retailers who work towards a greener world. We support them by offering low minimum orders and reasonable pricing on our products.

                  Green America Seal of Approval                  3/50 project