100% Organic Cotton Towel Set Item 103

Our thick, absorbent organic cotton towels are made from 100% certified organic cotton right down to the thread that ends are are sewn with. These are very soft and and stay that way even after many trips through the laundry. The bath towel is extra long 4 " 8. One end has the stylish edge border as shown below. The end border does not shrink in the dryer. These are available as a set of one of each or bath towels, hand towels and washclothes can be purchased individually. They are produced in Turkey by manufacturers who produce for Europe and must meet the high European standards. Employees are fairly paid Turkish labor laws are enforced. In addtion to the state sponsored health insurance everyone has additional insurance, maternity leave and vacation time is all provided by the employer.

100% organic cotton towels displayed on beautiful marble sink

 Wash Cloth blue organic cotton towel Brown Bath Towel White Hand Towel