Modal Fabric

This page describes the properties of modal fabrics and their care.

Modal fibers are manufactured in Austria by Lenzig AG. Modal is a registered trademark of this company. Modal is a bio-based fiber made by spinning reconstituted cellulose from beech trees. The beech is imported from Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary. The manufacturer advises all timber is collected from sustainably managed forests. It is made from 100% natural timber, creating a 100% natural fibre that is biodegradeable.

It is about 50% more hygroscopic, or water-absorbent, per unit volume than cotton is. It is designed to dye just like cotton, and is color-fast when washed in warm water. Textiles made from Modal do not fibrillate, or pill, like cotton does, and are resistant to shrinkage and fading. They are smooth and soft, more so than even mercerized cotton, to the point where mineral deposits from hard water, such as lime, do not stick to the fabric surface. We find the characteristics such as softeness, durabilty and consistency of this fabric very close to that of bamboo fabrics.

Modal Fabric Care

Modal fabric is durable and can be machine washed and dried the same as cotton fabrics. When line dried modal towels and sheets come out without the stiffness of cotton on windless days.